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Welcome to the Kent County Table Tennis Association website

Kent County Table Tennis Association welcomes you. The aim of this web site is to provide the necessary details, whether you are new and seeking to play TT somewhere within the County, or an existing member looking for information, match results and other details of our activities. We look to improve the presentation of information and access where appropriate, so any constructive comments via The Contact Us link to promote that are appreciated. Enjoy your TT.

Where to play - local leagues and clubs can be found in KEY INFO. If you cannot find an appropriate contact then use CONTACT US and we will help if at all possible

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NEW PLAYERS can see league and club info listed under KEY INFO and ABOUT US. Please do take a look as your tCounty has the fourth largest TT fraternity of Leagues in the UK, 13 in all along with about a dozen Premier Clubs. All will be able to find you the level of TT you can participate in. Use Contact Us if you need our help.

Use Contact Us for any queries - we endeavour to respond soonest.

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KENT LEAGUE DIVISION 2 - another last match of this division decides title
Ashford A 32pts Canterbury A 29pts West Kent C 29pts
The champions were only decided in the last match of the season. Canterbury A lost at home in excellent match to Ashford A 6-4 in the local derby. The result made Ashford A division winners with Canterbury A and West Kent C tied in second and it was the result of the match between them (Canterbury A 7-3 West Kent C) that decided runners up.
Please see Kent League - Division 2 (table - results - fixtures) for full results.

KENT LEAGUE DIVISION 3 - last match decides title
Canterbury B 27pts Ashford B 23 pts Maidstone C and Thanet 19 pts.
The champions were only decided in the last match of the season. Canterbury B saw off Thanet 7-3 in a local derby to overtake Ashford B. Maidstone C and Thanet tied on 19pts and it was the result of the match between them (Maidstone C 6-4 Thanet) that decided third place.
Please see Kent League - Division 3 (table - results - fixtures) for full results.

KENT LEAGUE DIVISION 1 - goes right down to the wire
North West Kent 25 pts Medway 25 pts West Kent A 23 points.
The champions were only decided in the last game in the last match of the season. Maidstone A could not retain their title won last year but they made sure no one took it without a fight. They held the new champions North West Kent to a 5-5 draw with NWK needing the doubles to get that draw. Medway and NWK then tied on 25 points apiece and it was the result of the match between them (NWK 6-4 Medway) that decided the division winners and runners up. It could not have been closer.
Please see Kent League - Division 1 (table - results - fixtures) for full results.


Kent will be endeavouring to enter a second (new) Cadets team this coming season.
Teams being entered are;
Cadet 2 teams, Junior 1 team, Senior 0 team, Veteran 6 teams, Over 60 2 teams.
The Management Committee have also agreed to amend the current County Teams Policy (ie expenses, code of conduct). Team captains and other details under County.

Sunday 19th March in the second event of the new series held at Cleeve Park TTC in Sidcup. Just under thirty cadets and attended the West Kent Invicta JGP Series. The event commenced with just under 2 hour coaching session on fifteen tables followed by Cadets group games for all the players and then play off games to provide everyone with a placing from first to last. Thanks to all those involved.
The third event in the year round series the NorthKent event is on 11th June at Chatham TTC

Sunday 19th February saw the first of a new series held at Thanet Vikings TTC in Margate. Over thirty juniors and cadets attended the East Kent Invicta Junior GP Series. The event commenced with a 2 hour coaching session on ten tables followed by Junior and Cadets group games for all the players. Thanks to all those involved.
The second in the year round series the West Kent event is on 19th March at Cleeve Park TTC Sidcup.

KENT SENIOR TEAM TOURNAMENT WINNERS 2017 - full results in News/Reports>KCTTA
Medway's Andy Norwood, Richard Carden, Martin Hewett take this years top spot.
Ten teams entered in this competition at The Howard TTC, based on the Swaythling Cup format of three players drawn by lots to play total of four singles and a doubles match, the first to three wins. Entries Canterbury, Dover A and B, Folkestone, Maidstone, Medway, North West Kent, Thanet A and B, West Kent.
Dates for your diary - Intermediate Team Tournament 2017 12th November - Senior Team Tournament 2018 11th February

A Happy Christmas and Good New Year to everyone

Kent League Christmas Break top three placings (no played/ points)
Division 1 North West Kent (1/8) closely followed by Medway (1/7) and West Kent A (1/7)
Division 2A Maidstone B (3/25) Folkestone A (4/21) Canterbury A (2/16) and with Sittingbourne B (3/14)
Division 2B Ashford A (3/26) West Kent C (3/21) Gravesend (3/20)

KCTTA Management Committee Meeting 17th November 2016 The Maidstone Ymca,
Ian Berwick (Folkestone) now joins as Secretary, taking over from Roger Harris who is now Vice Chair. Chair Bob Baker (Folkestone) Treasurer Steve Bispham (Folkestone).
Thanks to those leagues who had a representative at the meeting (Thanet, Gravesend, Bromley, Sittingbourne with also committee persons there from Ashford, Canterbury, Folkestone, Maidstone, Medway, West Kent). It was the first time this has happened and will better assist in the decision making process and determining how expenditure is made. Future meetings will be held in Ashford area.

Kent are looking at establishing a Junior Competition on 2017 replacing the previous Kent Junior Closed covering a wider range of players and including coaching. It is subject to suitable venues being found. It is being looked at whether the Kent Senior Closed can be returned. Details will be posted as things progress.

CLOSED TOURNAMENT - our local leagues' dates for 2016/17
Folkestone Vets 07 January
Canterbury 15 January
Maidstone 28/29 January
West Kent 26 February
Thanet 26 February with finals 03 March
Folkestone 04 March
Ashford 11/12 March
Dover 25/26 March
Sevenoaks 22/23 April
Medway 22/23 April
Gravesend 23 April
Sittingbourne 29/30 April
North West Kent Division 3 - Tuesday 11th April Division 2 - Thursday 20th April Division 1 - Tuesday 25th April
Bromley event under consideration tbc

05th October
Kent Schools Tournaments details and entry forms - see Tournaments/Closed.
They are currently in this section not Kent Schools for the present due to web master being laid up with a broken ankle. We wish him good progress in his recovery.

The Kent Team Tournament Entry forms have been sent out to the Leagues/team captains. Senior 05th February 2017 Intermediate 06th November 2016 Ladies (New) 27th November. All are being played at The Howard School starting sharp at 9am, finishing at tea time. Contact your League Secretary if you are interested in playing.
NOTE The Intermediate Team event has been cancelled as received just five entries (normal number is ten. Similarly the Ladies event was cancelled due to insufficient teams).

September 24th
Kent League - first match of season on 25th September Sittingbourne B v Maidstone B
Fixtures, results and tables now being updated to start season off. Done division 1 and divisions 2.
Then results posted week after matches and tables updated weekly.

July 31st
Web site information updated following our very recent 2016 AGM.
About Us/Officers and About Us/Committee plus News/KCTTA
Kent League/Rules plus News/KCTTA

On behalf of the Management Committee. Roger Harris. Vice Chair.
25 April, 2017