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County Policy


COUNTY TEAMS COORDINATION The KCTTA County Teams have a Coordinator for each age group. Each Coordinator works with their team captains in ensuring the Kent Policy is applied and the County fulfils its County Championship commitments within theIr Regulations. Any player queries please contact your team captain, any other queries please consult the respective County Teams Coordinator. Coordinators and Captains are listed under each of Juniors/Seniors/Veterans/Over 60. Kent County teams play in red shirts with black and white verical stripe and markings with an Invicta logo in white and dark shorts. COUNTY TEAMS POLICY KENT COUNTY TABLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION COUNTY TEAMS POLICY THE ORGANISATION, ADMINISTRATION, PLAYING FOR THE KENT TEAMS IN THE TABLE TENNIS ENGLAND COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS 1. Purpose Kent shall provide the maximum opportunity for all players, of all ages and all standards of ability, to represent the County in the Table Tennis England County Championships. 2. Organisation 2.1. There shall be a Coordinator for each of Junior/Cadet, Senior, Veteran, Over 60 competitions. Each Coordinator shall be responsible for the good running of their relevant County teams, fully in accordance with the County Championships Regulations and its definitions and this policy. 2.2. Each team shall have a Team Captain, who can be a player or non playing member and shall be responsible for the running of that team and fulfilling its fixture commitments. 3. Teams 3.1. The number of County teams shall be agreed by the KCTTA Management Committee. 3.2. Teams shall be selected from a County Championship Registered Players List for each section (Cadet/Junior, Senior, Veteran, Over 60). All players will be listed in a ranking order agreed by all the team captains. 3.3. Qualification to play for the County shall be as per the County Championship Regulations. Players must be regular players in a Kent affiliated league(es). in especial circumstances impacting on a team (such as long term serious injury) a Coordinator may include a recently active regular County team player not currently a regular player in a Kent affiliated league. All players are reminded that the Table Tennis England good conduct code shall be adhered to at County matches and during the season in the County (County players should set a good example to other players). Any significant breaches will result in a player being deselected. 3.4. Each Team Captain shall place a report for each of their played matches onto the KCTTA web site within approximately ten days of the match. 3.5. Each player shall be provided with one County team shirt for their matches. Any player who fails to return their shirt when requested shall pay the full cost of a replacement. 4. Costs Please note that KCTTA contributes expenses toward the cost of playing, it is not intended to cover the full costs. Any expense claims are to be made only by a team captain. 4.1. The KCTTA shall pay all Team Registration fees and all matches venues costs. 4.2. The KCTTA shall pay an overnight accommodation rate where the fixtures are on two consecutive days at the same venue and the venue is more than 120 miles from the County town (Maidstone). The rate shall be fixed by the KCTTA Management Committee and it shall exclude meals. 4.3 The KCTTA will pay a travel expense for Cadet/Junior teams. Any claims are subject to vehicle sharing, as far as is practicable. The mileage rate is fixed by the KCTTA Management Committee. The travel expense will not be paid for match(es) held in Kent. Note: For other teams players are expected to pay the vehicle driver for the cost of travel. 4.4. All costs and expenses shall be submitted only on a current standard KCTTA Expense Form. That KCTTA Expense Form will be issued to each Coordinator for issue to their captains. 4.5. The reasonable costs to cover the Organisation and Administration of the County Teams, or in especial cases of player/parent hardship, will be reimbursable on application to the KCTTA Management Committee. Where a team incurs a fine, the KCTTA may recover the cost from the defaulting players. . Date 11th July 2017 Signed R B Harris KCTTA Chair (Acting) On behalf of the Kent County Table Tennis Association Management Committee. This updates the Policy previously agreed by KCTTA Management Committee Meeting on 11th December 2013. This update amends the claimable expenses (now excludes travel) and emphasises adhering to the code of conduct. This update is in order to rationalise county income versus outgoings and re-promote the principle that to represent the county is a privilege that not all can aspire to and it requires a good standard of conduct, whilst also maintaining an ethos that all teams are treated with equanimity, all our teams and the number of teams being a good advert for the strength of table tennis in Kent. End. .