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Mick Betts and Henry Buist Fund



This new Fund is established as of 8th November. In general it replaces and enhances the provisions of the previous Mick Betts and Henry Buist Memorial Fund, whose legacies expired in 2017. 

Purpose of Fund

The support of specific cases where an individual, or team, achieves a worthy performance at national or regional level in a Table Tennis England or English Schools event that incurs additional costs, such as but not limited to to travel involving staying away from home in order to participate. 

Player Funding

The KCTTA Management Committee may offer to support cases which they deem to meet the purpose of the Fund, whether at their own instigation or by receipt of an application. Applications must be from a Kent County affiliated organisation (not an individual). 

Funding is limited to persons under 21 at the date of the event for which the support applies. Generally funding will be at sum of £50, £75, £100 according to the achievement and circumstances applicable to each case. Funding in any one year is limited to £100 for any individual. 

Fund Administration

The Fund Administrator is the KCTTA Treasurer. As at each AGM the Fund will be maintained at not more than £500 and not less than £400. The Fund monies shall be held in the general accounts but used solely for the purpose of the Fund and reported upon in the financial statements as KCTTA Youth Fund. The purpose and funding criteria may reviewed and amended by a future KCTTA Management Committee. 

Status: KCTTA Management Committee Approved. 08th November 2018. KCTTA is opening the Fund with £500 as of this date. 

Support Provided: November 2018 Herne Bay TTC S Legarde (TTE 9-13 Squad Qualification) £100


Note: The Mick Betts and Henry Buist Memorial Fund remembers Kent stalwarts Mick Betts and Henry Buist. The Memorial Fund is recorded in the KCTTA Annual Accounts as a separate item. This fund was expressly to support youth and junior player development. A number of applications had been supported, among them May 2012 Luke Savill to represent England at Cadets level in the ESTTA Tournament in Guernsey in June 2012, December 2012 Jasmin Ould to assist in progressing player development, March 2015 Scarlett O'Neill to represent England at Cadets level in the ESTTA Tournament in June.