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Development Policy


The KCTTA wishes to promote and assist its members in promoting Table Tennis in the County. Leagues and parties involved in Organising and running schemes are welcome to apply. Please read our new KCTTA Development Funding Policy. KENT COUNTY TABLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION DEVELOPMENT FUND Objective The KCTTA is going to support schemes that promote the Objective set out in its Constitution, namely: "aims to assist and encourage formation of Table Tennis Leagues and Clubs in Kent and promote the game in every way possible". Development Fund To achieve this the KCTTA is establishing a Development Fund. The Development Fund and this Policy document shall be overseen by the KCTTA Management Committee. The Development Fund shall be started in 2012 with £1,000 transferred from the KCTTA General Fund. It shall be added to annually as the KCTTA Management Committee determines. The Development Fund shall not be used to finance any County teams or other KCTTA core activity. Note: The existing Mike Betts and Henry Buist Memorial Fund is and remains separate to the above Development Fund. The Memorial Fund is expressly for the development of individual Juniors. The Memorial Fund is overseen by the KCTTA Management Committee. Applications Applications primarily may be made by the leagues Affiliated to the KCTTA. Other non affiliated but County related Associations or Clubs and Individuals can also make an application. eg KSTTA, Clubs seeking to gain Premier Club status, Premier Clubs, individuals taking up ETTA approved courses relevant to County activities. The application for funding must relate to schemes that contribute to the formation of leagues, clubs , increase participation in TT or directly supports the playing of TT in the County. Examples of potential schemes ( but not limited to these such schemes): - School and Junior Development Leagues and Tournament Series - Development Leagues for all ages and abilities - Development Coaching for all ages and especially Juniors - Equipment associated with the establishment of Development - Equipment associated with the expansion of Development - Courses associated with supporting Development (ie but not limited to Coach Training and Education) - Establishment of new leagues of any format - Establishment of new clubs to ETTA Premier Club entry level status - Establishment of new dedicated TT Centres planning and business plans - Establishment of TT programmes within existing Sports Centres - Promotion of TT in form that increases participation - Courses associated with increasing County Umpires, Referees, et al. The applications must demonstrate the scheme has sustainable benefits, in the form of increased player participation numbers or otherwise promote the playing of TT within the County. The Application Format in Appendix 1 of this Policy document shall be used to describe the scheme, its objectives, its outcomes and other related benefit indicators. Applicants shall submit their details for funding using these format headings. An application shall be graded by the KCTTA Management Committee according to an assessment of its benefits. The assessment will determine whether an application will be declined,granted with a proportion of the sum applied for being given or granted with the full sum applied for being given. Any application(s) from any League/Club/Individual shall be limited respectively to a maximum of £1,000/£500/£100 in any year (KCTTA AGM to AGM). The KCTTA will normally not grant more than 80% Funding for any Scheme. No applicant may receive funding in successive years. An application if granted shall use the KCTTA Develop Fund monies only for Capital purchases (equipment) and Revenue (other services ie such as course, coaching, hire, administration, promotions) to fulfill the scheme objectives as applied for and as approved by the KCTTA. The funding used as Capital (equipment) that equipment remains the property of the KCTTA until an assessment review identifies the predicted outcomes for the scheme are substantially (80%) achieved. Such reviews will be held on request of either party, or otherwise at six monthly intervals from the date of application being granted. Any KCTTA Development Fund monies awarded shall be on the basis that if the scheme fails (closes down or ceases to operate) within two years of the application being granted then the Capital ( equipment) the KCTTA Development Fund purchased and any unused monies are repaid to the KCTTA. Appendix - Application Format Name of Applicant Application Sum Date of Application Development Scheme Title Development Scheme Aim(s) Development Scheme Objectives (How the scheme will achieve its aims) Development Scheme Outcomes (What the objectives will deliver) What Funding Is The Applicant Putting Into This Development Scheme What Funding From Other Sources Has Been Applied For Has Any Other Funding Been Granted Othe Information Applicant May Wish To Provide Signed For Applicant Position In Applicant's Organisation To be completed by KCTTA Development Officer on behalf of the KCTTA. Award Granted Sum Award Granted Date Conditions of Award - KCTTA Development Fund Policy September 2012 Date of Review(s) Of Outcomes Delivery Date Payment Request Submitted To KCTTA Treasurer Date Payment Sent To Application Document Status: Approved by KCTTA Management Committee. Date: 26th September 2012. Document Originator: Roger Harris. Development Officer.