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Kent League Division 1 Results

Date: 7-4-19

Canterbury B 3-7 Medway
A) Paul Whittaker 0   X) Martin Hewett 3
B) Vince Corbin 0   Y) Wayne Matthews 2
C) Dave Emery 2   Z) Neil Le Milliere 2

Report :

Doubles Canterbury 3  Maidstone 2 




Date: 31ST MARCH 2019

WKTTA A 6-4 Gravesend A
A) Tyron Stalberg (3)   X) Justin Dodd (2)
B) Paul Homewwood (1)   Y) Richard Nash (2)
C) Joe Luck (1)   Z) No Player (0)

Report :

End of season match for WKTTA A and Gravesend A.

Team selection for both teams affected by the last round of the Sevenoaks League Division 1 and Mothers Day commitments (with Gravesend only able to field 2 players).

That said, some good table tennis and banter in a comptitive match.

The win for WKTTA was achieved in the doubles with Paul and Joe teaming up to pip Justin and Richard 11-9 in the fifth to secure the win.

Both teams will finish mid table and will re-group for next season Kent League fixtures.

Tyron (Captain WKTTA)



Date: 17 MARCH 2019

Medway 6 - 4 Ashford A
A) Wayne Youngs 2   X) Tom Down 1
B) Wayne Matthews 3   Y) Macolm Skates 2
C) Neil Le Milliere 1   Z) Mani Khapung 0

Report :

Medway's closest win so far and Ashford's first loss. A cracking match which started off at an amazing pace with the first five singles taking just over an hour.

It all went Medway's way in these and they raced into a 5-0 lead though with only one three legger, a very impressive win for Wayne M over Tom,  the signs were there that it wasn't going to go all their way.

Sure enough, in the sixth game Neil came up against an in form Malcolm and lost in four.

Wayne M was having none of it and completed an impressive maximum for the day with a win over Mani, who unfortunately collected the only egg of the day, thus bringing the win up for Medway and with it probably the title.

This brought the closest game of the day to the table with two left-handers battling to out left-hand each other. Tom came out on top with a deuce in the fifth win over Neil!

Wayne Y then faced Malcom and lost in four and to prove they weren't going down without a fight Tom joined Malcolm at the table to beat the two Waynes in four though with the three legs they won being on deuce Medway can feel a little hard done by.

With Medway having only Canterbury B to play Canterbury A will be hoping their second string can do them a big favour to give them any chance of catching Medway. On the same day as that match happens Canterbury A will be playing Maidstone A to complete their season and also of course solve the conundrum of how points they get for the fixture that wasn't played against Ashford.



Date: 10TH MARCH 2019

Maidstone A 5 - 5 Canterbury B
A) Shevron MacDonald (1)   X) Vince Corbin (2)
B) Petar Tancevski (1)   Y) Paul Whittaker (0)
C) Miro Danadzhiev (3)   Z) Peter Chapman (2)

Report :

An evenly contested match, Miro swinging it towards Maidstone with a treble but Canterbury taking the doubles in four to seal a draw. Five games went to five legs with Miro involved in two, Petar two, Shevron one for home side and for the away side Vince one, Paul two, Peter two. The crunch game being Miro pipping Peter 13-11 in the deciding leg. 



Date: 03rd MARCH 2019

Gravesend A 5 p 5 Canterbury A
A) Justin Dodd (1)   X) Graham French (2)
B) Alan Longhurst (0)   Y) Ian Gordon (3)
C) Peter Davis (0)   Z) No player

Report :

The first two games were five loggers, in the first Graham just losing to Justin 8 in fifth with the latter though coming from 2-0 down, in the second game Ian overcame Alan 7 in fifth also coming from 2-0 down. In both games there were crunch legs 13-15 that showed the closeness of the encounters. With Gravesend doing well to take the doubles in three they secured the draw, giving both teams stalemate as they are vying for second place. 



Date: 03RD FEBRUARY 2019

Ashford A 5 - 5 Maidstone A
A) Malcolm Skates (3)   X) Terry Clapperton (1)
B) Mani Khapung (2)   Y) Shevron McDonald (1)
C) Douglas Ho (0)   Z) Petar Tancevski (2)

Report :

The two teams could not be divided with Maidstone securing a draw by taking the doubles. Malcolm Skates was the home hero with his treble, which was almost replicated by Mani Khapung but was put a stop to by Petar Tancevski 8-11 in a close fought five legger. 



Date: 3/2/19

Canterbury B 1/9 Gravesend
A) Paul Whittaker 0   X) Justin Dodd 3
B) Vince Corbin 0   Y) Pete Davis 2
C) Peter Chapman 1   Z) Alan Longhurst 3

Report :

Doubles Canterbury 0/ Gravesend 3


Date: 3/2/19

Canterbury A 7/3 WK "A"
A) G French 3   X) M Majoe 0
B) J Glass 2   Y) J Dyson 2
C) A Rutherford 1   Z) T Stalberg 1

Report :

Doubles Canterbury 3/ WK  0


Date: 20/01/2019

Gravesend A 4-6 Ashford A
A) Alan Longhurst (3)   X) Tom Down (2)
B) Peter Davis (0)   Y) Malcolm Skates (2)
C) Richard Nash (1)   Z) Mani Kapung (1)

Report :

This was an extremely tight match with lots of matches which could have gone either way. Out of 50 possible games 46 were played.

Alan started the match well with a win against Tom in 4 and then this was backed up with a win for Malcom against Peter in 4. Then began the 5 game matches with each team taking it in turns to win sets.

Richard beat Mani in 5, then Tom beat Peter in 5, Alan beat Mani in 5, Malcolm beat Richard in 5! Then there was a slight reprieve form the Yo Yo scores with Mani beating Peter in 4, before it was back to Tom beating Richard in 5, Alan beating Malcolm in 5. Unfortunately Ashford did no read the rule book and broke it by beating Gravesend in 4 to take the match 6-4, ruining the chance to finish evens. Well done Ashford. (Tom and Mani beating Richard and Alan.)


Date: 20TH JANUARY 2019

WKTTA A 7-3 Canterbury B
A) Tyron Stalberg (3)   X) Vince Corbin (1)
B) Paul Holmwood (1)   Y) Paul Whittaker (0)
C) John Dyson (3)   Z) Peter Chapman (1)

Report :

A very enjoyable afternoon with lots of good rallies and close matches.

The least competitive match was the doubles where Vince and Peter teamed up to show Tyron and John how it should be played. A very straight forward 3-0 win for the visitors!

Tyron (WKTTA A Captain)




Date: 13TH JANUARY 2019

Maidstone A 0 - 10 Medway
A) Martin Ball (0)   X) Martin Hewett (3)
B) Shevron McDonald (0)   Y) Wayne Youngs (3)
C) Petar Tancevski (0)   Z) Wayne Matthews (3)

Report :

Home advantage counted for nothing as Medway showed no mercy and took the bragging rights in this local of local derbies. One game went to five, where Martin B just lost out to Wayne M, with a few only going to four legs tea came early on this one. With at least five players playing regularly against each other in differing leagues the relevant strengths and weaknesses were well known and to use Maidstone captain’s term, to tragic effect. 



Date: 9-12-2018

Canterbury B 0 - 10 Canterbury A
A) Vince Corbin 0   X) Graham French 3
B) Peter Chapman 0   Y) Ian Gordon 3
C) Paul Whittaker 0   Z) John Glass 3

Report :

Doubles Warriors B  0 Warriors A 3

Brilliant TT but Warriors A were on their game


Date: 09/12/18

Ashford A 7-3 West Kent A
A) Mani Khapung (2)   X) Tyron Stalberg (2)
B) Malcolm Skates (3)   Y) Peter Holt (0)
C) Douglas Ho (1)   Z) Joseph Luck (1)

Report :

A great match with lots of close matches. Well Played Malcolm Skates for his treblewhich included an 11-9 in the fifth victory over Tyron Stalberg. A very enjoyable afternoon and a bit of TT banter!

Doubles partnerships were Malcolm and Mani for Ashford and Peter and Joseph for West Kent.


Date: 2 12 2018

Medway 7 - 3 Gravesend A
A) Neil Le Milliere 1   X) Justin Dodd 2
B) Martin Hewett 3   Y) Peter Davies 1
C) Wayne Matthews 2   Z) Richard Nash 0

Report :

Last year's runners up were taking on last year's winners and thanks to Chelsea being at home Gravesend lost Alan Longhurst and instead Richard Nash turned up for his blooding in this division.

The first two games went to form with Justin beating Neil and Martin beating Peter, both three striaght.

Things then took an unexpected turn as Wayne had got the start time wrong so Neil went back on against Richard in a "who can play most like Neil" competition. At 10-8 up in the fifth it looked like it was Richard but Neil somehow saved three match points and took it 14-12!

Wayne had managed to get the rolls to the match by then and his reward was a game against Justin who welcomed him with a three stright win although Wayne did get to deuce in the third.

Form following three striaght wins then followed for Martin over Richard and Wayne over Peter.

This brought up the game of the day, Martin against Justin, guile and trickery against powerhouse looping and hitting. It went to four but Martin managed to take it in a ver entertaining game.

Wayne then beat Richard three straight just leaving (five leg loving) Neil to play (oh my knee) Peter. A good game where Neil took a two nil lead but Peter came back brilliantly to win in five (of course). 

This just left the doubles and with Martin having to leave imminently to do an airport runNeil and Wayne took on Justin and Peter. An intruiging game with some excellent shots and rallys which the home side manged to take in four.

So last year's runners up take the match 7-3 and probably leaves them in control of their own destiny now but still games to play.

The players and David then took part in the ritual "putting the world to rights" over rolls, sandwiches, cakes, and burnt mince pies!

PS Many thanks to David for the "odds or evens" scoring.



Date: 25/11/2018

WKTTA A 2-8 Medway A
A) Ming Majoe (1)   X) Neil Le Milliere (3)
B) Tyron Stalberg (1)   Y) Wayne Youngs (1)
C) Peter Holt (0)   Z) Wayne Matthews (3)

Report :

Medway A were a little bit too good on the day with excellent trebles for Wayne Matthews and Neil Le Milliere. Tyron Stalberg and Ming Majoe squeezed past Wayne Youngs in close matches. In the doubles Neil and Wayne M won 3 close ends verss Ming and Tyron.

This was one of 3 Kent League matches played on the day. It was good to see so much competitive table tennis on a gloomy Sunday afternoon with the players all coming together for tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes to close the afternoon out.

Tyron (WKTTA A Captain)




Date: 18TH NOVEMBER 2018

Gravesend A 8 - 2 Maidstone A
A) Justin Dodd (3)   X) Terry Clapperton (0)
B) Alan Longhurst (2)   Y) Petar  Tancevski (0)
C) Peter Davis (2)   Z) Martin Ball (2)

Report :
The result does not reflect the closeness of many of the games for such a good match played in excellent spirit.



Date: 3/11/18

Medway 9 - 1 Canterbury A
A) Wayne Youngs (3)   X) Alan Rutherford (1)
B) Martin Hewitt (3)   Y) Clive Hollingsbee (0)
C) Neil Le Milliere (2)   Z) Chris Hooper (0)

Report :

A good opener for Medway and a bit of a trial for Canterbury with Alan saving the "bagel" as he described it - that also being the only game that went beyond four legs. With all players familiar with each other it was always going to be a good social match and so it proved, a cracking Kent League fixture with the customery post match disection over an exclelent tea if i do say it myslef.


Date: 14/10/18

Maidstone A 5-5 West Kent A
A) Terry Clapperton (2)   X) Ming Majoe (0)
B) Karl Rideout (1)   Y) Tyron Stalberg (3)
C) Petar Tancevski (1)   Z) John Dyson (2)

Report :

A close fought match ended in a 5-5 draw with 5 matches going to deciding legs, 3 of these going to deuce in the fifth including the doubles.  Ming was unlucky to lose two of these games after playing very sharp.  Tyron was the star of the day winning all three of his games before just being pipped in the doubles, playing with Ming against Terry and Karl. 


Date: 07TH OCTOBER 2018

Ashford A 8-2 Canterbury B
A) Malcolm Skates (3)   X) Vince Corbin (1)
B) Mani Khapung (3)   Y) Paul Whittaker (1)
C) Tom Down (1)   Z) Adam Dyer (0)

Report :

Doubles Ashford A