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Kent League Rules

KENT LEAGUE 2016/17 - Updated Constitution

KENT COUNTY TABLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION                                          



The playing of competitive table tennis against players of similar ability in the county that you do not normally get to play, held in a friendly, sporting and sociable environment, also providing a pathway to higher levels of play. Teams may be of any age or gender in our divisions and entry is at no extra cost, subject to the League having paid their full County Affiliation fee. 


There will be an update to the administration of The Kent League, taking on board comments received over several seasons. Communications will be dealt with using electronic media and greater use of the KCTTA web site. This covers such as the entry forms, fixtures and results. We have also incorporated arrangements to reduce postponement and venue issues. We have updated the Constitution to reflect these changes (also it has not been updated for a couple of decades, eg refers to playing 21 up - old version is still on the Kent website). Please read all elements of the new Constitution to understand the changes. There is an item on the AGM agenda for discussing them and where necessary amending into a final version. Entry Form The form with this document is the only one to use. The form will also be on the website asap after the AGM. Note: the entry returns are now brought forward a few weeks from that of the previous seasons. This allows more time to arrange the fixture schedule. It remains that your entry cost is inclusive within your League Affiliation fee. We encourage all Leagues to enter. Fixtures, Postponements, Match Results, Venues These will be arranged in a fixed time window, directly between teams by telephone or e communication (instead of a fixture meeting in Maidstone). This allows a more flexible arrangement to appropriately schedule matches. In unforeseen circumstances, by mutual agreement, matches can subsequently be rearranged. Postponements have invariably given rise to much discourse, resulting in players ceasing to participate in the Kent League. We have made it easier to set agreed fixtures, so we want any unilateral postponements by teams to disappear. Results will all now be posted on the web site by each home team. The league tables will then be updated after each round of match weekends. Venue standards have raised issues and complaints. We want to address these concerns and ensure we raise the playing conditions where applicable and practical. We have redrafted the existing penalties to deter the causes of the discontent expressed by teams who do follow the rules and the spirit of the rules. We really hope they are not used but they are subject to appeal to ensure fairness. General We are continuing to be inclusive of all ages and genders. We know some teams had already decided not to enter next season as they found it difficult in recent years to get full teams for all their fixtures. It is regretted but teams do need to be committed and so avoid affecting the enjoyment of other participating teams during the season. We also encourage the suggestion of ideas that will increase sustainable participation, improve the administration logistics, or otherwise enhance the playing experience. The Kent Senior and Intermediate Team Tournaments continue to be separately organised.  


Progressing the transition to electronic communications, eliminating all unilateral postponements, having all matches played and fulfilling the aim of the competition.


Continuing the progressive transition aims for last year, all match results postings on to web by teams, inclusion into rules the Precedents agreed in previous two seasons.


CONSTITUTION AND RULES OF THE KENT LEAGUE for season 2016/17 onwards and current.

1. Eligibility. The Kent League shall be open to teams entered by Local Leagues affiliated to the Kent County Table Tennis Association (hereinafter the Association).

2. Administration. The Kent League shall be administered by The Kent League Organiser, hereafter the Organiser, appointed by the KCTTA Management Committee in accordance with its Constitution. The Organiser may be supported by Divisional Administrator(s) to ensure the fulfilment of the playing programme. Communications shall be by e media and the KCTTA web site.  

3. Composition. The Kent League shall be composed of one section, open to all ages and genders with the number of divisions according to the teams entered.  

4. Membership. Applications for membership of The Kent League shall be made by 10th August preceding the season start. The fee for each team entered is inclusive within the League Affiliation fee paid to KCTTA. Any League Affiliation fee not paid by its due time shall render all its teams match scores to be declared void prior to it being paid. Applications will only be accepted if accompanied by registrations of a minimum of three players for any team and four players in the case of the lowest (or only) teams. Each team must have a nominated captain. The Organiser may decline any application where this is approved by the KCTTA Management Committee. This may be where entry is detrimental to the Kent League, or non compliant with its Constitution and Rules.  

5. Players Registration. Each League shall register their nominated home venue and all its players on the entry form. Players shall be allotted to teams playing in a division appropriate to their ability. These players must be registered and play regularly in that Local league. Each team may later register additional players with the Organiser. A firm acknowledgement must be received from the Organiser before such player can compete in any any match. No player may play for more than one Local League's teams. The Organiser may decline any application where this is approved by the KCTTA Management Committee. This may be where entry is detrimental to the Kent League, or non compliant with its Constitution and Rules.  

6. Transfers. No Local League may register a player who represented another Local League in the previous season without the prior written consent of that other Local League and affirmed by The Kent League Organiser (unless that other Local League has not entered any teams in the current season).  

7. Grading. If a League has more than one team in any division then the players are only eligible to play for their registered team, or a higher team. No player may compete in a team lower than that which they are registered.  

8. Divisions. The composition of the divisions of the Kent League shall be decided by the Organiser and as approved by the KCTTA Management Committee prior to the commencement of each season, having due regard first to promotion and relegation and secondly the strength of the regular players registered in each team entered. Divisions will normally comprise of 8 teams maximum and 6 teams minimum, exceptions will be made but only under special circumstances. Each team in each division shall play every other team in that division once during a season, normally home and away in alternative seasons as far as is practible (teams may mutually agree to vary this).

9. Fixtures. Fixtures shall take place between and including the last week in September and the third week in April inclusive. Fixtures will normally always take place on a Sunday afternoon but teams may mutually arrange other days and times. All team captains shall be responsible for arranging their teams home fixtures with their opponents, in accordance with a list of teams provided by the Organiser. Any League having more than one team in a division shall play the match(es) between its teams by their third match. The team captains shall complete the arrangement of fixtures by approximately 31st August and provide them to the Organiser by 10th September. After the 10th September the fixtures shall then be the agreed dates and they will be posted on the web site. By the mutual (only) agreement of both teams, due to unforeseen circumstances, an agreed date can be rearranged. This new agreed date needs to be advised to the Organise prior to the original agreed date. Any further alteration to an agreed fixture date may be made only in extenuating circumstances (loss of pre booked venue, inclement weather, or a specific significant factor outside the control of the team) and then only with the consent of both the opposing team and the Organiser (who shall be acting on behalf of the KCTTA Management Committee). All fixtures shall be played as far as is possible but where this is not achieved the Organiser shall apply a result as in 12 Penalties.  

10. Matches. All matches will be conducted under the current laws of Table Tennis in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the ITTF and ETTA (Table Tennis England). Teams shall comprise of three players and matches shall consist of nine sets of singles and one set of doubles, each set being the best of 5 games of the 11 points up format. A fit and proper venue must be provided for all matches, the main conditions in respect to its playing suitability being heating, lighting, playing space, floor state, no extraneous sunlight on playing area. Where a venue is clearly unsatisfactory (eg in particular the absence of adequate heating, lighting or unsafe to play) the Organiser may decline to accept its use for Kent League fixtures, where this is approved by the KCTTA Management Committee.  

11. League Conditions. The home team must give notification to their opponents confirming the time and venue of each match not less than four days before the agreed date for the playing of the match. The home team shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the match and posting the result on the KCTTA web site within the week following the agreed match date. The home team captain shall enter their players names onto the score card first, then the away team shall do so, the players will then play in the order as prescribed on the score card. The doubles pairings need not be declared until immediately after the preceding singles set. A team playing with less than the required number of registered players shall concede the sets for which they have no player present at the start of the set. A point shall be awarded for each set won. At the end of the season, if two or more teams are equal on total points then the order shall be decided by the result of the match(es) between the teams. In the event the order is still undecided the teams shall be declared equally placed. Home teams shall be responsible for ensuring their opponents receive refreshment hospitality during and or on completion of the match. The away teams shall respect this hospitality at all times.  

12. Penalties. These are intended to deter repeat offending and encourage efforts to comply. Penalties are not intended in cases where genuine and largely unforeseen reason occurs, or reasonable attempts has been made to resolve the playing of matches. There shall be no discretion made by the Organiser to any team where no good reason exists, or non compliance continues after any reminder has been given by the Organiser. The penalties are; Failure to provide complete fixtures arrangement before 10th September penalty of £15. Failure to confirm date and time of match to opponent a penalty of £3. Failure to provide match result within the week following the agreed match date deduction of 1 point. Failure to notify Kent League Organiser of a rearranged match in the due time deduction of 2 points. Failure to play with a full team a deduction of 2 points (in addition to conceding up to three sets), except a deduction is rescinded where a league has multiple matches (more than 2) on the same date and subsequently extenuating circumstances (ie illness) occur on match day. Failure to fulfil a fixture on its agreed date a deduction of 4 points for a first instance to the defaulting team and subsequent incidences 7 points to the defaulting team. We seek all matches are played but where this is not achieved any unplayed matches shall be awarded as a loss and nil points to the defaulting team and a win to the non defaulting team, who will be awarded points equal to the average of all their other results at the end of the season (example 6 matches 24, 25, 26 or 27 points = award 4 points and 28, 29 or 30 points = award 5 points), except where a team only fulfills two or less of its fixtures the results of the match(es) shall be declared void and no points shall be awarded to any teams for unplayed matches. Any costs incurred by a team due to any of the above will be payable by the defaulting team.  

13. Protests and Appeals. A protest and or appeal against a penalty can be made by a team captain. This must be done within seven days of any event to which it relates and must be in writing (email) to the Kent League Organiser. The Organiser will resolve the matter with the relevant party(ies) and obtain the approval of the KCTTA Management Committee of an outcome.  The KCTTA Management Committee shall have the power to decide all matters upon which these rules are silent.  


Precedents: These form part of the rules, having been established by formal decisions relating to an interpretation of an existing rule, or a relevant matter not within the foregoing rules. Effective from start of season 2018/19. 

Fixtures - Leagues with multiple teams and multi-table venue may ask for combined home matches for their teams. Cooperation is sought towards acheiving this arrangement