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National Organisations Website
British Universities Sports Association www.busa.org.uk
English Schools Table Tennis Association www.estta.org.uk
English Table Tennis Association www.etta.co.uk
Sport England www.sportengland.org
Veterans English Table Tennis Society www.vetts.org.uk
International Organisations
European Table Tennis Union www.ettu.org
International Table Tennis Federation ww.ittf.com
Irish Table Tennis Association www.irishtabletennis.com
Scottish Table Tennis Association www.tabletennisscotland.com
Table Tennis Association of Wales www.ttaw.co.uk
Equipment Suppliers / Manufacturers
Bribar www.bribartt.co.uk
Jarvis Sports www.jarvissports.co.uk
Table Tennis Direct www.tabletennisdirect.com
Tees Sport www.teessport.com
Table Tennis Instructional Videos
VideoJug www.videojug.com/tag/table-tennis  
Other Clubs and Leagues outside Kent
Other Counties
Isle of Wight http://www.ronkemp.co.uk/iwctta/index.html