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Kent Closed Report


A Kent junior doubles and Ranking event was held at Howard School yesterday. Despite its short notice it was attended by over 30 juniors and the day was a great success. Thanks to players, parents, helpers and organisers who made the day go well.

There were some fantastic matches to watch but who would be a parent or coach when they are close, the highs and lows make it an exhausting day for all.

Junior mixed was won by Scarlett O'Neil and Joshua Bruce with Abbie Hurley and Arthur Bracken runners up. Junior boys doubles was won by Joshua Bruce and Davies Xavier with Larry Trumpauskas and Yiannis Kazantzidis as runners up.

Girls ranking event positions:
7. Molly Brown
6. Stephanie Fause
5. Scarlett Lenton
4. Katie O'Dwyer
3. Libby Hudson
2. Abbie Hurley
1. Scarlett O'Neil

Open ranking event positions:
22. Jack Rowland
21. Emilio Algar
20. Ben Allen
19. William Freeman
18. Jayson Morley-Stone
17. Jack Jordan
16. Emir Hamad
15. Chris Chin
14. Kevin Luu
13. Abbie Hurley
12. Benny Turgoose
11. Sayd Hamad
10. Jack Roberts
9. Fredericke Wilke
8. Ty Dennis
7. Scarlett O'Neil
6. Yiannis Kazantzidis
5. Larry Trumpauskas
4. Lewis Marsh
3. Arthur Bracken
2. Darius Xavier
1. Joshua Bruce

Kent has two junior and two cadet teams entered for next season. Teams are made up of three boys and two girls. Each player has two singles. We look forward to a number of you representing the County in the coming season."




On 27th and 28th April 2019, the Kent Closed Table Tennis Championship was organised again after a break of five years at Canterbury’s Christchurch University Sports Centre.  All participants and spectators agreed it was an excellent venue.  Pictures are available on the Kent Facebook web page.  Joshua Bruce and Scalett O’Neil were the stars of the show both winning Cadets (under 15) and Junior singles events.  A summary of the junior day areprovided below.


The Junior girls singles was won by Scarlett O’Neil beating Abbie Hurley in the final. In the junior boys Joshua Bruce beat Darius Xavier in the final in four sets.  They accounted for Henry Mileham and Shem Lejarde in the semis respectively although Darius only winning 7 in the fifth.  The junior boys plate was won by Freddie Wilke with Sayd Hamad runner up. In the semis they beat Aarsh Agarval and Aniket Bhanushali.  The junior girls doubles was won by Abbie Hurley and Isabelle Webb beating Libby Hudson and Nicola Dawson.


Scarlett O’Neil won the cadets girls singles beating Libby Hudson in semis and Abbie Hurley 3-1 in the final.  Abbie having accounted for Isabelle Webb 3-0 but all legs were extremely close.  The cadet giles plate was won by Beth Brenchley beating Alison Webb in the final.  The Cadets boys was won by Joshua Bruce beating Arthur Bracken. In the semis they played Shem Lejarde and Larry Trumpsauskas.  The boys cadet plate was won by Aniket Bhanushalibeating Noah Csillag, they beat Louis Lines and Devan Vadukul


Under 13 event final was won by Larry Trumpsauskas beating Ty Dennis Thompson in a great game for the spectators.  There were many long rallies with both playing amazingly fast counter hitting points where some how they both managed to keep the ball coming back.  Stars of the future no doubt.  They beat Yiannis Kanzantdis and Matthew Davies in the semis.  The under 13 girls was won by Alison Webb beating Lois Mugford in the final.

In the mixed under 13 plate event Felipe Fujimori beat Jack Jordan in the final.  They had beaten Aarav Shah and Callum Ho in the semis.


Full Results for juniors

Junior Girls Singles 
Final Scarlett O’Neill beat Abbie Hurley 4 6 10
Junior Girls Doubles
Final Abbie Hurley & Isabelle Webb beat Nicola Dawson & Libby Hudson 10 8 5

Junior Boys Singles 
Semi Finals Joshua Bruce beat Henry Mileham 5 7 8;  DarisXavier beat Shem Lejarde 8 -5 -8 6 7
Final Joshua Bruce beat Darius Xavier -9 9 10 4
Junior Boys Plate Singles
Semi Finals Sayd Hamad beat Aarsh Agarval 9 6 9;  Frederick Wilke beat Aniket Bhanushali 8 8 11
Final Frederick Wilke beat Sayd Hamad 9 6 -4 4
Cadet Girls Singles
Semi Finals Scarlett O’Neill beat Libby Hudson 7 3 7;  Abbie Hurley beat Isabelle Webb 4 11 8
Final Scarlett O’Neill beat Abbie Hurley 11 7 -15 8
Cadet Girls Plate Singles
Final Beth Brenchley beat Alison Webb 8 -8 -8 4 6
Cadet Boys Singles
Semi Finals Joshua Bruce beat Shem Lejarde 9 10 4;  Arthur Bracken beat Larry Trumpsauskas 4 6 4
Final Joshua Bruce beat Arthur Bracken 9 8 4
Cadet Boys Plate Singles
Semi Finals Aniket Bhanushali beat Louis Lines 12 7 10;  Noah Csillag beat Devan Vadukul 7 -15 5
Final Aniket Bhanushali beat Noah Csillag -5 1 7
Under 13 Girls Singles
Final Alison Webb beat Lois Mugford 3 3 1 
Under 13 Boys Singles
Semi Finals Larry Trumpsauskas beat Yiannis Kanzantdis 8 5 12;  Ty Dennis Thompson beat Matthew Davies 3 5 -12 6
Final Larry Trumpsauskas beat Ty Dennis Thompson 5 2 11
Under 13 Boys/Girls Plate Singles
Semi Final Felipe Fujimori beat Aarav Shah 8 7 6;  Jack Jordan beat Callum Ho 9 -5 9 -9 4 
Final Felipe Fujimori beat Jack Jordan -5 9 7 7




The womens singles was won by Lois Perryman beating Sue Pingram 3-0 in the final.  Lois beat Heidi Smith in her semi and Sue beat Lorraine Perryman in the other.  The womens plate was played as a round robin and won by Anita Jermyn with Abbie Hurley coming runner up.  The womens doubles was also played as round robin and won by Rita Lopes and Heidi Smith with Lorraine and Lois Perryman, mother and daughter coming runners up.


The mens singles was won by Luke Savill beating Andy Norwood in the final.  Luke accounted for Mark Brown in one semi with Andy Norwood beating Richard Carden in five in the other.  Luke’s hardest game was probably in quarters, where stalwart Joey Kennedy was one all and 7-2 up.  Luke must have moved up a gear at this stage as he won the third 8.  The mens plate winner was Pete Ives beating Kevin Powell in the final.  The mens doubles was won by Luke Savill and Andy Norwood beating Matt Emery and Alan Taylor in the final.  Luke and Andy beat Richard Carden and Will Power in five whilst Matt and Alan won 11-9 in fifth against Wayne Matthews and Harry Laws.


The closest competition of the weekend was the mixed doubles.  Luke Savill had teamed up with his mum Sarah Stevens and Mark Brown with his wife, Carolyn.  Family harmony was maintained despite in the quarter finals Luke and Sarah losing in the fifth to Mark and Carolyn.  Mark and Carolyn then beat Chris Bartram and Rita Lopes in the semi finals again in five sets.  In the other semi final Lois Perryman and Darius Xavier beat Abbie Hurley and Mark Romano in four.  In the final Mark and Carolyn beat Lois and Darius but it was a very close game.  Match points came and went for both pairsbefore Mark and Carolyn won 18-16 in the fifth.


The veteran womens singles was won by Heidi Smith beating Anita Jermyn in fifth.  Whereas veterans mens was won by Chris Bartram beating Mark Brown in the final.  They had accounted for Chris Hall and Andy Norwood in the semis.  The veteranmens doubles was played as a Group which was won by Will Wrapson and Martin Ball with Laurence Casserley and John Glass being group runners up.


Seniors & Veterans results:

Womens Singles

Semi Finals Lois Perryman beat Heidi Smith 6 -7 9 2

Semi Finals Sue Pingram beat Lorraine Perryman 10 5 13

Final Lois Perryman beat Sue Pingram 8 10 8

Womens Plate Singles

Group Winner: Anita Jermyn

Group RU: Abbie Hurley

Womens Doubles

Group Winners: Heidi Smith & Rita Lopes

Group RU: Lois & Lorraine Perryman

Mens Singles

Semi Final Luke Savill beat Mark Brown 9 8 9

Semi Final Andy Norwood beat Richard Carden 9 -8 4 -8 8

Final Luke Savill beat Andy Norwood 8 10 7

Mens Plate Singles

Semi Final Peter Ives beat Laurence Casserley 3 7 9

Semi Final Kevin Powell beat Jack Davies 6 -10 7 7

Final Peter Ives beat Kevin Powell -7 9 8 7

Mens Doubles

Semi Final Luke Savill & Andy Norwood beat Richard Carden & Will Power 6 -12 -10 3 8

Semi Final Alan Taylor & Matt Emery beat Wayne Matthews & Harry Law -8 10 6 -8 7

Final Luke Savill & Andy Norwood beat Alan Taylor & Matt Emery 10 7 7

Mixed Doubles

Semi Final Carolyn & Mark Brown beat Rita Lopes & Chris Bartram -11 6 -2 3 9

Semi Final Lois Perryman & Darius Xavier beat Abbie Hurley & Mark Romano 6 -8 9 7

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